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Authorized manufacturer of UL508A Industrial Control Panels and UL698A Industrial
Control Panels with Intrinsically Safe Circuits extending into Hazardous Classified Locations.

Lighting Control Panels

Roadways Lighting Cabinet: 

All of TSR's Roadway Light Cabinets are built to contract specifications. Panelboards are copper buss, have bolt-on breakers and have a multiple range of AIC ratings to meet contract specifications. All equipment is selected, mounted and wired for years of trouble-free operation. 

TSR Electric has a "standard" Roadway Lighting Cabinet design which uses a main breaker, contactor, panelboard, and photoeye control. From this design we can provide you or your customer with a "custom" piece of equipment to meet particular jobsite lighting control requirements. 

Other options include, but are not limited to, the following; choice of aluminum, stainless steel, or painted steel cabinet Nema type 3R cabinets, ventilation fan, interior heater, surge arrestor, time clocks or special control sequence. 100-amp through 400-amp are standard designs but high current cabinets are available. 

Please contact TSR for any custom amperage you may need. 



Sign Lighting Cabinet:

TSR Electric manufactures Sign Lighting Cabinets used by the Maryland State Highway Administration for illuminating overhead and road-side highway directional signs.  These cabinets are available in 240/120 volt with either 60-amp or 100-amp Main Breaker and typically have four 2-pole 20-amp branch breakers feeding 240 volt to sign lighting circuits.   Our 100-amp Main Breaker Sign Lighting Cabinet is available with up to eight 2-pole 20-amp branch breakers.  The light circuits are controlled dusk to dawn by a photoeye and utilize a NEMA rated lighting contactor.  These cabinets not only control your night-time illumination, but are available for Under-Bridge roadway day-light safety illumination.  A three-position switch allows automatic control through the photoeye, off position, or manual override to inspect all lights illuminated.  Compact size allows our cabinets to be mounted on any post, pole, or rack. Compact size, economical cost, and simple installation make TSR Electric's Sign Lighting Cabinets perfect for parking lot illumination for public and business safety.

Below is a typical Sign Lighting Cabinet, which can be mounted on a pole. All breakers are accessible through an interior dead front door. The photo eye is mounted on top of cabinet.